Important Strategies Big Brands Implement With Influencers

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The traditional form of advertising no longer cuts it. Online advertising and advertising are easily overlooked, ignored and silenced, leaving little resources for customer acquisition and brand recognition budgets.

It is 2018, people are looking for information about people they trust or consider to be experts. This is why marketing influence is so valuable. It opens the door to real stories and experiences around the brand in ways that are not possible with other types of advertising.

If you are hesitant about making impact marketing, we hope that the five strategies implemented by big brands will change their minds.


What makes sense is that if a brand attracts celebrities with millions of fans, its campaigns will be more successful because it will attract more viewers, but it is not the truth.

Recent research has shown that as the number of followers increases, commitments do start to decrease. After evaluating Instagram (curtidas no instagram) for more than 800,000 users, Markerly found that those with 1000 subscribers or less showed an 8% participation rate, while users with more than 100,000 users showed a switch of 1.6. %. Research continues to show that influential people with 10,000 to 100,000 people can get the best results.

One of the main reasons is that micro influencers tend to create follow-up actions based on what they share on a blog or social network. If someone keeps posting their identity as a mother, other mothers are likely to be concerned and linked to the content of this influential person. Each new publication creates more and more credibility, and ultimately this influential person can become his audience expert.

When the influencer posted on the publication he hosted the product, he has earned the viewer’s trust and the fans will also try the product. This is a win-win situation, as the brand is expected to increase its number of followers and his sales as more and more followers start talking about products or purchases.

In addition to better participation rates and more targeted audiences, the cost of micro-sensors is much lower than that of celebrities. Hopper HQ recently announced that an Instagram post by Selena Gomez is priced at $550,000. On the other hand, hiring a Microsoft computer on Instagram (curtidas no instagram) in the United States costs an average of $214. This means that a brand can hire about 2,570 micro influencers in exchange for Selena Gomez’s publications.

Bigelow Tea worked with Wal-Mart to realize that their money was spent on micro-influencers. That’s why they worked with Collective Bias at the Tea Moments event, and the results were impressive. By recruiting influential people in the areas of healthy living and happiness, the product is truly a blog and social channel for them. Bigelow Tea’s sales increased by 18.5%, and the number of impressions of the event exceeded 44 million. This content is well received by the public.

Freedom of creation: what it means and why it is important

A common mistake that brands make when working with influential people for the first time is trying to over-control the process. If you are using an influence to speak, you may tell you that creative freedom, you agree to participate in one of the most important things before the election. They understand what their unique voice is, and if they don’t have the chance to maintain it, they can’t continue to participate in the campaign. Or worse, if they participate in the event and their subscribers don’t respond well because it doesn’t look real, the brand can have a negative conversation with its target audience.

While it may be difficult for brands to give up control of the creative process, it is important that they trust the influential people to do their best. That’s why it’s important to involve influential people in brands of value and style.

DSW’s 12-day Converse event identified five influencers who matched their ideal presentation and hired them to design two to three pairs of Chuck Taylors. Then they announced to the fans that they can win a pair. These simple details paved the way for influential people to unleash their creativity.

Author: Oscar Robinson